Professional Russian Interpretation in Chicago

On-site Verbal/Oral Interpretation in Chicago and suburbs
Consecutive Interpretation
Simultaneous Interpretation
Remote Simultaneous Interpretation over the phone

                Russian Interpretation to and from English

              Ukrainian Interpretation to and from English

Areas we cover and businesses we serve:

Business/travel, personal shopping, restaurants,sightseeing,private tours: museums, galleries, places of tourist attraction.

Accompany a client to government agencies such as HomeLand Security interviews for a green card/naturalization, marriage/fiance visas, work/student visas etc. Help with filling up applications of any kind at Social Security Office, financial aid for students, college applications etc.
Finances and business:banking, contracts,residential and commercial mortgage loans, investments, real estate purchases, oral and written translations of any kind.
Doctor’s visits, medical consultations, hospital procedures that include oral translation before and after surgeries etc.
Terminology for medical and pharmaceutical students.
Court proceedings, church gatherings, sport activities, shows/concerts.
International conferences and business meetings/negotiations.
Russian voice over and subtitle translation.
Private interpreter for visitors, half day or full day.

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