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The ideal age for kids to start diving into foreign languages is before they reach middle school. The thing is that the brain is able to comprehend and retain a foreign language without confusion with the native one at a very young age. In fact, there is no floor that has been established so far that such and such age is not recommended for study.

Your brain’s maximum capacity to learn is available very early. We recommend starting as early as three years old. Keep in mind that creating a fun and happy atmosphere for kids is a key to success. New vocabulary can be easily introduced via role play or just some fun activities such as feeding the baby- a doll or putting baby to sleep:

Давай покормим малыша и положим его спать.

It is also very helpful to start reading good quality books: real books, short stories, not “junk” literature and later ask questions as far as the plot, the events,main protagonists, what happened, what the result of certain actions was, was it desirable, was it favorable, how it did affect the outcome and what could have been done differently.

It is critical to develop good taste and healthy trends. We recommend starting very early looking at the world maps, your state map and the map of United States with your child. It is also helpful to study local rivers and lakes as well as world major rivers so Amazon comes to mind because of South America first and not because it is the biggest online retailer.


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  • socratesadmin

    Logic For kids and critical thinking

    Very informative and can be ongoing for up to middle school- teaches kids to think logically and not irrationally-great, if you care about your kids' potential!

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